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Lee Electrical is committed to excellence and dedicated to quality. We strive to merit the goodwill of our customers, our employees and our public by working together with mutual respect, friendly cooperation and sincere dedication. This enables us to provide stable employment and ensure continued growth through expansion and the development of new business.

In keeping our goals focused for the future, we are always trying to improve upon the security of our day-to-day procedures, to protect the emotional surety of all pedestrians, clients, and our employees.

With this in mind, we would like to extend our appreciation and commend the strong sense of responsibility our superintendents and foremen display to maintain a high level of performance while ensuring the safety of our employees. It is our obligation to extend to our customers that we hold the utmost confidence in our employees, and that we are attempting to reach all possible criteria, which will provide the safest measures for all human life for all customers.

  • Lee Electrical Construction is extremely proud of the safety record we offer clients. With a crew of 5 safety representatives in the field at all times, Lee Electrical has become an industry leader in developing innovative ways to work at top production without compromising the safety of our employees or the general public.
  • Lee Electrical Construction has an experience mod for the 2004-05 year of .64 according to NCCI. That experience mod is the best in our industry for overhead and underground line construction companies.
  • The .64 rate is the fifth consecutive year of an improved experience mod for our company. Our rate for 2003 was .66, for 2002 .78 and for 2001 the rate was .82.
  • Lee Electrical has also maintained an OSHA Incident Rate and a DART Rate that falls well below the national average.
  • In addition, Lee Electrical Construction is proud that in the history of our company dating back to 1988, we have never been cited for an OSHA violation and have never been fined by OSHA.
  • Lee has also been recently awarded the Superior Sustained Safety Performance honor by the Savannah District South Atlantic Division of the United States Corp of Army Engineers for sustained overall excellence in safety while working on Corp of Engineer Projects.
  • Lee Electrical Construction has a zero tolerance drug policy and our employees are tested for pre-employment, random and for their involvement in any accident regardless of who is at fault.

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